About Us

Mission & History


In September 1999, Tom and Stacey Branchini drove their daughter, Alexa, to Boston, Massachusetts to begin her freshman year at Boston University. The last thing they expected was to receive a call ten days later to inform them that their daughter had been raped in her dormitory and was in a Boston hospital.

Alexa reported the attack immediately to the police, and the rapist was apprehended before he even had a chance to leave campus. Alexa was alive. She was safe. However, her life was changed forever.

At the time, Alexa was one of the few rape survivors whose ordeal actually resulted in a trial and the conviction of her assailant. She withstood repeated attempts by the defense team to delay the trial, as a tactic to break her will. Her family remained by her side, both psychologically and physically, flying back and forth from their home in Buffalo, New York to Boston to support her throughout the grueling trial. In total, the Branchini family spent 27 days in Boston for the trial and Alexa persevered. The man who raped her was sentenced to 40-45 years in prison without parole.

The Branchini family could not imagine their daughter having to endure the agony of a trial alone. Returning to the crime scene, reliving the ordeal in order to prepare for trial, then actually being in the courtroom with the man who assaulted her are all too much for anyone to face alone. Tom and Stacey remained by Alexa’s side only because they could afford the travel and lodging costs incurred during an out-of-town trial.  After her long and traumatic trial ended, Tom and Stacey realized that many families do not have the financial ability to do so. Not wanting a lack of funds to prevent another rape victim from prosecuting his or her attacker, Thomas and Stacey Branchini co-founded It Happened to Alexa.

Our mission is simple. We want to make our community a better place through education and the enlisting of our citizens to bring services to those in need. We accomplish our mission through our core values.

We have been a vital part of our community for a number of years. We were founded to serve a growing segment of our community in need of inaccessible services. We have continued to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers that make our mission possible. Through all these years our purpose still remains the same: bring services to those in need.


The mission of It Happened to Alexa is to empower survivors of rape and sexual assault and to facilitate the prosecution of their offenders by providing financial, emotional, and advocacy assistance to the survivors and/or supporter at the time of trial.